Current Wine List for Rack House West Winery

Sweet Wines

Duck Creek Red

A blend of Concord and Chambourcin with a blackberry bouquet. One of the most popular sweet reds we have.

Duck Creek White

Vignoles with notes of ripe melon, refreshing finish. One of our most popular whites.

Duck Creek Rosé

A light and fruity blend of Catawba and Vidal Blanc.


100% Missouri Triple Crown Blackberries.

Whisper Norton Port

Sweet Norton Port with notes of chocolate and creamy cheeses.

Cottleville White

Sweet, fruity blend of Traminette, White Catawba, and Vignoles. Exclusively made at The Rack House West Winery.

Dry Red Wines

Roundhouse Red

A balanced, fruit forward wine with a smooth finish. A blend of St. Vincent Cabernet and Syrah.


Big and bold dry wine aged perfectly in American Oak.

Wayward Red

Exclusive to The Rack House West Winery. 2013 Chambourcin - Dry and fruity with a smooth finish.

Number 87

Balanced blend of a big bold Chambourcin with the spicy finish of Syrah. $1 from each bottle sold will be donated to the Cottleville Firefighter Outreach.

Dry White Wines

Smokestack White

Chardonel with a touch of Vidal Blanc. A dry white with fruit notes and a clean finish.

Vidal Blanc

A dry, crisp clean dry wine. Between Smokestack and White Catawba on the dry scale.

Semi-Sweet Wines


Semi-sweet Missouri pear wine

Sunflower White

A Rack House West Winery exclusive. Blend of Traminette, White Catawba and Vidal Blanc.

Spiced Apple

Apple wine with spices added.


Semi-sweet, spicy large cluster grapes with the flavor similar to Gewurztraminer.

Semi-Dry Wines

Little Red Caboose

A lively semi-dry St. Vincent Cabernet wine. (served chilled or room temperature)

White Catawba

Versatile, crisp semi-dry with a touch of sweetness and fruit.

Semi-Dry Rosé

Light-bodied, brightly acidic, perfectly refreshing.

Flat Bed Red

EXCLUSIVE to The Rack House West Winery. Semi-dry Chambourcin, bold and dry with a slight fruit forward finish.

Valvin Muscat

Semi-Dry white wine with enticing floral bouquet and a mouth-watering finish